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About Us

Since 1995, our approach to the entertainment business has established an entirely new standard by which services of this type are judged. We are industry professionals and pride ourselves on producing the best entertainment services available. We achieve this by placing a great deal of emphasis on customer service. While other companies show up with a box of CD's and hope that they can guess what music your event will need, Smooth Grooves works with you to design the perfect music program for your event.

Our Team: The Best in the Business

Fancy equipment, tonnes of music and a catchy nickname does not make a good DJ; the ability to read a crowd does. A great DJ knows instinctively what songs to play and when to play them; thatís why Smooth Grooves only hires DJs that have mastered the craft of reading a crowd. This important skill coupled with the ability to seamlessly mix music takes years of practice and experience in many types of events. Along with experience, our DJs are reliable, professional and go above and beyond your expectations to provide excellent customer service. We say our DJs are the best because they simply are.

Our Equipment: A Point of Pride

A lot of mobile DJ companies donít even mention their equipment, probably because they arenít very proud of it. At Smooth Grooves we spare no expense when it comes to our sound systems and thatís why we are proud of our equipment. We want our customers to know that when it comes to their needs, quality is the only thing that matters. We believe that sound cannot be measured in dollars; a notion that a lot of DJ services forget about and Smooth Grooves customers appreciate.

Smooth Grooves uses only the highest quality professional sound reproduction equipment available. All of our components are mounted in clean and aesthetically pleasing flight cases giving our customers a quick, hassle free setup as well as an attractive and orderly DJ area. Most of our customers are not interested in technical specifications; they just want good quality sound at a reasonable price.

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