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In our industry music is everything. Let’s face it; nothing else matters if the music at an event is a disappointment. This is never an issue at Smooth Grooves since our DJs arrive at your event fully equipped with extensive digital music libraries of all genres featuring an abundance of songs. Smooth Grooves is a member of many DJ exclusive record pools that keep us up to date with all the newest and most popular tracks topping the charts. No matter what genres of music you and your guests like, Smooth Grooves has all the hits you love.

Our DJs

Fancy equipment, tonnes of music and a catchy nickname does not make a good DJ; the ability to read a crowd does. A great DJ knows instinctively what songs to play and when to play them; that’s why Smooth Grooves only hires DJs that have mastered the art of reading a crowd. This important skill coupled with the ability to seamlessly mix music takes years of practice and experience in many types of events. Along with experience, our DJs are reliable, professional and go above and beyond your expectations to provide excellent customer service. We say our DJs are the best because they simply are.

Live Music

Smooth Grooves now offers live music for your event. Our acts are professional, hard working acts based in the Vancouver area, and guaranteed to make your event shake, rattle and roll all night long. Learn more about each act below and email for pricing and availability.

White Leppard - North America's premier tribute to 80s rock! | White Leppard songlist (pdf) |

White Leppard is a Vancouver based band with members that boast 30+ years of live and recording experience. White Leppard delivers a high energy show, performing the most popular ROCK hit’s of the 80’s... (Def Leppard, Poison, Whitesnake, Bon Jovi, etc.)

Watching White Leppard live is reminiscent of walking into the hottest night club in 1985 and seeing your favourite cover band rock out to the songs of the day. Be prepared to be taken back to a time when singers swaggered, guitar players shredded and audiences rocked, danced and sang along to every song!

The TrailerPark Playboys - A little bit country, a little bit rock & roll | The TrailerPark Playboys songlist (pdf)

From John Cougar Mellencamp to Big and Rich, The Rolling Stones to CCR with a little bit of Beatles and Neil Diamond thrown in the middle. The TrailerPark Playboys play hits all night long. An intoxicating mix of songs guaranteed to fill the dance floor and keep it full until closing time.

House Arrest - 4 Lawyers, 1 judge and 2 ringers never sounded so good! | House Arrest songlist (pdf) |

Who are these strange men who tell the world “ we will get you off”?. No point answering the question. They elude adjectives. They do have experience, however. Lots. Ups and Downs, and everything in between. Most work on the good side of the law, some not so much, and one who is sworn to be neutral. Together they seem to come out of a comic book- the Avengers without any special gadgets. They are bound by a love of music. They play music because they must play music. Their quest is simple-they want to lift your sentence. . . They like live shows. That is when they are good. That is when their doors are open. That is when they show up, rise up, crackle and trump. Want your sentence lifted? Hear them make their submissions. Having a party? This is where the rubber meets the road. This is House Arrest.

Purple Soul - Get on the P-Soul train people. It's gonna be a groovy ride! | Purple Soul songlist (pdf)

There are no bands in Vancouver delivering the kind of sets that Purple Soul can deliver. Veteran Vancouver musicians find their mojo in laying down some of the coolest reggae and the greasiest funk and soul you can imagine. Get on the P-Soul Train baby!

Southside Vibe - If your event calls out for some jazz or R&B, Southside Vibe will make it a success | Southside Vibe songlist (pdf) |

With great music, you can set the mood you want. When your guests are having cocktails, mingling or enjoying a great meal, there’s nothing like live jazz to make it all work. As the evening turns to a party, we can cook it up with some James Brown, Stevie Wonder, John Cougar, U2, Black Crowes and beyond, all delivered with the right vibe.

PokerFace - Rumour has it... you will dance till it hurts! | Songlist COMING SOON

Blondie to Katy Perry, Beyonce to Lady Gaga, Bruno Mars to The Black Keys.. need we say more? Get ready to dance!

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